One-on-One Coaching

From $150/month plus $100 initial setup fee (discounts are available for single-sport athletes)

One on one coaching is our top level of coaching. We offer one-on-one coaching for triathletes, swimmers, cyclists and runners. 

As a one-on-one athlete both your individual coach and our team of coaches work to make sure you are able to achieve your athletic goals. We take your training and racing seriously and will strive to help you achieve your goals.  Our one-on-one coaching service offers:

Targeted Race Plans

Starting at $100 with no setup fee; based on race distance and number of weeks

Targeted Race Plans are 12 to 20 week training plans that are individually built for athletes focusing on a specific goal race. Targeted race plans are available for all distances of running races, Sprint Triathlon and Olympic Triathlon distance races. Training for 70.3 and 140.6 mile distances is available through our One-on-One Coaching service.

Form Analysis


Form analysis provides an athlete with an objective review of swim or run form, plus recommendations and drills to correct issues in order to make the athlete more efficient.

Analysis includes:

  • Video taping of the athlete from the side, front and rear
  • One hour of in-pool or on-track time to work on form and drills immediately following the taping
  • Review and discussion of the video to point out limiters and recommend corrections
  • Drills and workouts to address limiters