Sonic Endurance Military Athete

This is a testimonial from an athlete Coach Scott helped prepare for the Special Operations Selection process.  It has been scrubbed a bit for confidentiality reasons.

Thanks for all the help with the long distance running. I have an unofficial half marathon I'm running next weekend in my 60lb ruck(shooting for sub 2 hours), and am signing up with the l...ocal triathlon club to do a sprint triathlon(swim .5 mile, bike 15.8 mile, run 3.4 mile) on August 10th to help branch me into triathlon training, and hopefully a triathlon or marathon, before my next round of school starts Jan. 7th. I think you've turned me onto something. Or maybe I'm just scared of the 35+ day amphib package, where 2k swims in deuce gear, with 45lb rucks in the ocean, and running is a daily routine.

Your training was invaluable and taught me a lot about long distance training for larger anaerobic people/the tactical athlete. Unfortunately 2.5hr+ heart rate training and HIT gym sessions do not go hand in hand, but I wouldn't have figured that out without stomping my feet for those 3 months. The durability and time spent on my feet did offer some benefit for training however, as there were days I spent 5-9 hours on my feet with a 60lb pack and jogging. Being used to being on my feet for 2.5 hours helped.