Ironman Lake Placid 2015

Ironman Lake Placid 2015 - by Mike Meachum

I keep reading all the race reports on here and most people don't seem like they had a good race. I had the time of my life so here's mine.

My swim like everyone else was crowded but it was fun. I couldn't understand why everyone was so tight then I lifted my head and wow, we were at turn 1!!! I felt like someone was pushing me along the entire swim, in fact I was bummed that it was over and I beat my time by 6 minutes. The volunteers ripped that wetsuit off and I was gone. 

Then the bike- what a wonderful ride around the beautiful mountains. As I came up the Bears on the first loop I could hear the people cheering us on and I felt like I was flying. I thought I went to hard on the first loop so I slowed down on the second. I almost lost it at mile 80 or so but it's because I got off my nutrition for a few minutes but as soon as I fueled properly I felt great so I did what I always do at mile 100 and got off the bike and did 10 jumping jacks. My goal time was 7-7:30 but I finished in 6:30 and was feeling great. 

Run- fully changed my wardrobe and I was off. I carried a hand held water and ran from aid station to aid station filling up ice then water. Between  dousing myself with ice water and drinking I killed a bottle between every station but it kept me cool. I was cheering on everyone the whole way and felt absolutely wonderful. I hit mile 20 and gave myself a little pat on the back because this was the longest run that I have ever completed. Then mile 21 and I felt like I was unstoppable. When I hit the oval I sprinted and was in tears because in a few seconds I was going to be an IRONMAN!! Original time 14:30 actual completion time 12:54!! Wow what a day.