My interest is working with athletes on a one-on-one basis to overcome limiters and achieve personal bests. My coaching philosophy is that each athlete is unique and coaching focuses on determining each athlete’s individual strengths and weaknesses, designing a program and individual workouts to progressively address the athlete's weaknesses while maintaining the athlete’s strengths. This is accomplished by closely monitoring an athlete's qualitative and quantitative responses to training.


Having spent the last 4 carving my niche in the sport of triathlon, I came to realize my passion is in helping others achieve their goals  As the CEO of our family, I manage three active and growing kids, who are 5, 7, and 9 a full coaching and training load.  My passion for helping others allows me to spend a few hours at my FAVORITE running gig North Wales Running!  



I became involved in this sport very much by shooting off my big mouth.  When my bluff was called I ended up toeing the line at the Clear Lake Sprint Triathlon in 2010.  Prior to training for this race I hadn’t been in a pool competitively since I was 8 years old, didn’t own a bike, and had never run more than a mile at a time.  Needless to say I caught the bug.  It filled a need for competition that hadn’t been filled since I stopped playing baseball at 18.  As with all my other loves I pursued triathlon tirelessly; whether it be my own athletic achievement or knowledge.  Eventually I deci