This season I was able to have a successful Ironman debut at Mont-Tremblant thanks to the help of Coach Kelly.  Her coaching made me feel confident and prepared.  I set a personal record at the Olympic distance with a 2:33:58 and set personal swim records in and out of the pool.  I became a stronger, more efficient cyclist and runner under the guidance of Kelly.

I began working with Kelly 2 years ago after I got a stress fracture from doing too much too soon.  I came to her in need of a coach who could help me harness my desire to push myself but who could also be sensitive to the fact that I am a busy mother of four who struggles to recover effectively.  Kelly addressed all of these issues and more by regularly monitoring my recovery, adjusting my training sessions accordingly, and providing me with fueling options appropriate for me.  Kelly’s strength as a coach is her ability to understand what makes her athletes tick.  I truly feel as if Kelly understands me as an individual.  She is accessible and quick to offer constructive feedback.  As a former youth swimmer, I enjoy Kelly’s swim sessions most.  She comes up with fun, challenging swim sets that have transformed me as a swimmer.  I am not the same athlete I was two years ago.  Kelly’s training works!   It’s obvious that Kelly loves triathlon and cares about her athletes.  I can’t imagine not having Kelly by my side as I tackle next season’s goals.