Having Kelly as my coach has been a transformational experience for me. When I first started working with Kelly in 2010, I was able to PR in the Half Ironman distance by over an hour posting a 5:54. In addition, I began to show dramatic improvement in 5Ks, and even placed in my age group occasionally.

I took 2011 and much of 2012 off for the birth of my daughter and I stopped exercising consistently and suffered physically and emotionally as a result. With Kelly’s support and guidance, I am currently training for a half marathon. Kelly has helped me to regain confidence in my abilities and has reminded me about the importance of taking care of myself. Kelly is a wealth of knowledge, and she has provided me with invaluable information about pacing, nutrition and training equipment.

Since having been coached by Kelly, I have accomplished so much, and when I think about future races, I am excited about the continued progress I am confident I will make with her as my coach.