Special Offer for Oilman and Austin70.3 Athletes

Sonic Endurance is pleased to offer One on One level service at a drastically discounted rate for athletes who are planning to race Oilman or Austin70.3 as their "A" race this fall.
We are pricing this 14-16 week package at $250.   Training starts JULY 15th!!!!!

This is essentially our One on One program minus the development of a Yearly Training Plan (YTP).  As such we will work with you to build through the summer, using your existing race schedule (or we can suggest races), and have you peak into your race.  This program will be entirely tailored to your needs both inside and outside the triathlon world.  Your training will be installed in 3 different periods and ending in a 2 week taper.  We also plan to have a brunch or dinner the day before to go over fueling and course tactics if doing Oilman. 

This is a $500+ package for $250 and applies to these two specific races.
Included in this package:
  • Concierge level service on a day-to-day basis
  • Initial meeting in-person (for Houston area athletes) or via phone to get to know you and your goals
  • Training Peaks Premium account
  • Detailed daily workouts written in 3-4 week blocks on Training Peaks
  • Your coach responds to workouts logged in Training Peaks on at least a weekly basis
  • Athlete has unlimited access to their coach via e-mail and text with access via phone call as scheduled
  • Customized race plan based on training metrics for “A” races and phone call to review race plan and questions
  • Specific assistance on race fueling and mental approaches to training and racing
  • Swim stroke analysis and run analysis either in person or via video as needed
  • Field-based lactate threshold testing to determine heart rate zones
  • Specific strength, core and cross training workouts to address limiters and prevent injury
  • Sonic Endurance training gear
Please contact Coach Scott for additional information or to sign up.