I became involved in this sport very much by shooting off my big mouth.  When my bluff was called I ended up toeing the line at the Clear Lake Sprint Triathlon in 2010.  Prior to training for this race I hadn’t been in a pool competitively since I was 8 years old, didn’t own a bike, and had never run more than a mile at a time.  Needless to say I caught the bug.  It filled a need for competition that hadn’t been filled since I stopped playing baseball at 18.  As with all my other loves I pursued triathlon tirelessly; whether it be my own athletic achievement or knowledge.  Eventually I decided to put that knowledge to use and help others achieve their goals.  Low and behold that was more fulfilling than achieving my own.  Thus began my coaching journey.

My coaching philosophy is ‘life happens.”  My primary job as a coach is to write training plans that both address my athletes’ limiters and maintain their strengths.  This generally isn’t an athlete’s job however and life is stressful enough, so I see a good part of my role as taking a smart training plan and fitting it as seamlessly as possible into my athletes’ schedules.  And when “life happens” and workouts have to be missed it’s my job to rearrange schedules on the spot.

I also thoroughly enjoy on site coaching.  Whether that be on deck at the pool, riding together, on the track, or especially on site race day.  I work with athletes of all experience levels from the nervous first time sprint entrant to Ironman All World Athletes.