Our Philosophy

Sonic Endurance is dedicated to helping athletes of all abilities achieve their endurance goals. We understand that no two athletes are alike and the response to training is an individual process. We regularly incorporate field-based testing and functional movement testing in order to assess an athlete's progress towards their goals. It is our mission to develop a plan that uses your training time efficiently while preparing you to accomplish or exceed your goals.

We are committed to providing you a personalized plan based on the latest research and your time constraints, limitations and fitness level. We believe that any individual is able to make gains regardless of perceived ability. While some coaching companies offer different service levels and price points, we are committed to providing all athletes with the same frequent, individualized support. Our coaches work collaboratively and utilize their diverse backgrounds to develop a comprehensive training strategy. While you will have an individual coach, your success is important to everyone at Sonic Endurance.

Latest Articles

Ironman Lake Placid 2015

Ironman Lake Placid 2015 - by Mike Meachum

I keep reading all the race reports on here and most people don't seem like they had a good race. I had the time of my life so here's mine.

My swim like everyone else was crowded but it was fun. I couldn't understand why everyone was so tight then I lifted my head and wow, we were at turn 1!!! I felt like someone was pushing me along the entire swim, in fact I was bummed that it was over and I beat my time by 6 minutes. The volunteers ripped that wetsuit off and I was gone. 

Team Red White & Blue Trail Camp - By Alex Cabrera

A couple weeks ago I had the great opportunity of meeting Dave James Tzakanikas, whom I had never heard of but happens to be a well known ultra running champion. Our Team Red White & Blue chapter had organized a trail run with him in Danbury, CT. I did the logic thing to do when people don’t know something, I googled him. I was in shock when I learned about Dave, his story, his records and his road to becoming a world champion. I was even more ecstatic of the fact that I was about to go on a run with him. During the trail run we talked about running (shocking).  Dave suggested I should attend the 2014 Team Red White & Blue Trail Running Camp as the 2013 camp was soon approaching and he wasn't sure if I could still get in. I did not know much about trail running but the idea of attending a camp seemed interesting.

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